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Android App 3.4.3

Product: Connected Workflow Management

Version: Android App Version 3.4.3

Release Date: 23-25/01/2024

Release Note Issue Date: 22/01/2024


This release will not cause any downtime.

User Impact

This release does not impact user experience.

Features / Modules Affected



Users receive a notification when a new version of the app is available to download.

For instructions on how to check which version of the app a device is running, see View Device Information.


  • Checklists under the Due, Incomplete, Overdue headings of the scheduled work page will display a message (see image 1) indicating if another user in your team:

    • is looking at the checklist

    • is currently working on the checklist

    • has worked on the checklist and when

    • has started the checklist as unscheduled work

  • When you open a partially completed checklist, the check response fields will be collapsed by default.

  • You can expand/collapse all check response fields. See image 2.

  • More concise check response fields. See image 3. In addition to the time completed, the check response fields will appear as follows:

    • Confirm instruction: 'Confirmed by + name'.

    • List of options: ‘Selected by + name’.

    • Date selector: 'Date + selected by + name’.

    • Free text: ‘This check was completed without any issues by + name

    • Free numeric: ‘Number + by + name’.

    • Temperature check: ‘Temperature + (acceptable range) + by + name’.

The temperature entered will appear green/red if it is in/out-of range.

Image 1: A message below incomplete work

Image 2: Expand/collapse all

Image 3: Completed check response fields


  • We have fixed an issue some BYOD users experienced with the app crashing.

  • We have fixed an issue in which the app would not sync if multiple team members were collaborating on a checklist.

  • We have fixed an issue in which on rare occasions checkpoint work would not be recorded in work reports if a QR code was not scanned.

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