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Monitoring Summary Report

The monitoring summary report is a diagrammatic record of sensor readings.

Image 1: Monitoring summary report

Click here to watch a video on the monitoring summary report.

You can filter data by:

  • sensor type (temperature, relative humidity, contact)

  • date

The report contains tables that summarise the readings of individual sensors over the specified period.

Temperature/humidity sensor readings are summarised as follows:

  • average reading

  • minimum reading

  • maximum reading

  • unit of measurement

A summary of a temperature sensor

Contact sensor readings are summarised as follows:

  • total number of openings

  • % of time closed

A summary of a contact sensor

Click the i icon to view the sensor’s ID, serial number, and MAC address.

You can plot a sensor’s readings on a graph by clicking on a table. The line will appear the same colour as the table.

You can plot multiple sensors.

Filtering data by date and plotting 2 sensors

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