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View & Manage Devices on Your Account

You can view and manage all devices registered to your account via the Control Centre.

You can:

  • find the MAC address of a device if you want to whitelist it

  • view the location a device is assigned to / reassign the location of a device if you want to use it at a different site

  • find the administrative pin if you want to edit the settings on a device

  • block/unblock a device if it has been lost/found

Image: Device information

You must be an Administrator to view and mange devices on your account.

  1. Log in to the Control Centre.

  2. Go to Work Management Devices>View/Edit.

  3. Select the device that you want to view. You will see:

    • the Wi-Fi MAC address

    • the location the device is assigned to (to reassign the device to a different location, click x then select a location from the dropdown menu)

    • the administrative pin

    • to block the device, tick the Block Memo box

  4. If you blocked the device or reassigned its location, click Save.

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