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Change Hub Location

You will need to change the location of a Hub if you move a Hub from one site to another.

Do not change the location of a Hub unless instructed to do so by Checkit.

If you change the location of a Hub, the Hub will inherit the time zone settings of its new location.

You must be an Administrator to change the location of a Hub. See User Roles for more details..

The Hub must be powered on and connected to the Internet to change its location.

  1. Log in to the Control Centre. 

  2. Go to Automated Monitoring Devices >View/Edit.

  3. Select the Hub you want to move from the panel on the left.

  4. Click Maintenance.

  5. Click Configure hub.

  6. Click Change Hub Location.

  7. Click the X icon in the Location field to remove the current location.

  8. Select a location location from the dropdown menu.

  9. Click the right arrow to continue. You will see a message stating that ‘the hub has been successfully assigned to the location’.

  10. To return to the Control Centre homepage, click Dashboard then click the Checkit icon at the top-centre of the screen.

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