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When you open a checklist, you will see a list of checks (tasks) to complete. See image 1.

If you have to complete the checks in order, the next checks will appear greyed out. See image 2.

Tap on a check to open and complete it.

Completed checks display details (see image 3) including:

  • When the check was completed

  • The response to the check, for example, the temperature entered, the date selected, etc.

  • Who completed the check (if completed by another team member)

Image 1: A checklist

You can expand/collapse check details. See image 4.

The checklist will close automatically when all mandatory checks (and optional checks if applicable) have been completed.

Image 2: A checklist with enforced sequence

Image 3: Completed details

Image 4: Expand/collapse check details

Mandatory Tasks

If a check is mandatory, it will display a circle icon. See image 5.

You must complete all mandatory checks in a checklist.

Image 5: A mandatory check

Optional Tasks

If a check is optional (a task that may or may not be necessary, for example, changing a barrel), it will display a question mark icon. See image 6.

Image 6: An optional check

When you have completed all the mandatory checks and the minimum number of optional checks, you can complete the checklist by tapping I’m done. See image 7.

Image 7: I’m done

Repeatable Tasks

If a check is repeatable (a task that may need to be completed multiple times, for example, measuring a temperature), it will display an arrow icon. See image 8.

The check will display the number of times it has been completed. See image 9.

Image 8: A repeatable check

Image 9: A repeatable check completed twice

Custom Role Tasks

This feature is currently only available on the CWM Android app

If a check must be completed by a person with a custom role, for example, a bar manager, kitchen manager etc., this will be displayed on the check. The check will appear greyed out to other users and they will not be able to complete it. See image 10.

Image 10: A custom role check

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