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Report Shared Checklist Usage

Having shared checklists with another company/organization you may also want to be able to report the usage of those checklists and related data, in the same way you report key performance data for the checklists used by your own company/teams.

What Can You Report?

Checkit will need to obtain permission from the company/organisation with whom you want to share checklists that you may have access to the usage data. Checkit provides 3 optional alternative levels of access:

  • no access: you can share checklists and you can see if a checklists has been assigned as work, but reports do not include data relating to the work - the % completed, for example

  • full access: you can report usage and data for each checklist you shared with an company/organsiation as a whole and by location/team just as you report usage and data for your own checklists/locations/teams.

  • aggregated access: you can report usage and data for each checklist you shared with an organisation/company - as a whole. You cannot drill down to usage or data by a particular team or location belonging to the organisation/company: all data from child locations is collected together and presented as a single set of values.

The level of access you have will be established by Checklist when the Shared Checklist feature is setup for you.

On all three levels you will be able to see if a checklist has been assigned or not and also report the usage of the checklists you share by shared library name as well by the name of the business/organisation(s) with whom you share.



Access the Shared Checklist Report

1. Login to the Contol Centre

2. Select Operational Insights from the Reports menu

3. Click on the Switch Chart option (top left of page)

4. Select the Shared Checklist Report option

The reporting page opens showing the data available to you with Locations included or not depending on the level of access you have. These pages and the way you can drill down for further data operate in the same way as the Operational Insights pages you use to report your own teams/locations use of checklists.


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