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Uploading / Downloading Work

The app uploads/downloads work to/from the Control Centre via Wi-Fi.

If you are using your own device, you can also use mobile data.

See Switch Wi-Fi Network for instructions on how to connect to a different network.

Downloading Work

Android App (Including Memos and Ulefone Devices)

The Android app automatically downloads any new/updated work assigned to its location:

  • When the app is launched (if it has not been launched in the last 50 minutes, see image 1)

  • When a user logs out manually (see image 2)

  • Overnight

If you want to ensure that your device is up-to-date before you log in to the app, see Manually Download Work.

Image 1: Downloading work on app launch

Image 2: Downloading work after log out

iOS App

The iOS app downloads any new/updated work assigned to its location automatically every minute.  

Uploading Work

The app automatically uploads work to the Control Centre as it is completed.

Safety Managers and Supervisors can view completed work in the Control Centre. See Work Report for more details.

If Your Device Loses Internet Connection

If your device goes offline, you can continue to complete work on the app. However:

  • No work will be uploaded or downloaded until your device is back online

  • You will not receive any new alerts on the Mobile Alerting screen until your device is back online

You will see a flashing red network icon and a solid red banner to indicate that your device is offline. See image 3.

If your iOS device goes offline, any pending work will remain under the Up Next heading until your device is back online. 

Image 3: Device offline

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