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View Your Sensors

You can view your sensors if you want to check the status of your equipment and sensors.

Click here to watch a video on the Automated Monitoring Status page.

To view a report on sensor readings, see Monitoring Report.

To view which teams and rules are assigned to sensors, see View Your Monitoring Configuration.

  1. Log in to the Control Centre. 

  2. Go to Automated Monitoring Status> View/Edit.

  3. Select a location from the panel on the left. You will see a list of sensors.

Sensors display the latest reading and the time it was taken.

Sensors appear:

  • Green if the sensor is not alerting

  • Amber if all alerts on the sensor have been acknowledged, but not cleared

  • Red if the sensor has any unacknowledged alerts

  • Black if no data has been sent to the Control Centre for over 1 hour

If all your sensors appear black, the Hub is likely offline. Please check the Hub power supply and Internet connection.

  1. Click on a sensor to view more details. You will see:

    • The sensor MAC address

    • The sensor serial number

    • (If applicable) an alert icon specifying the number of alerts on the sensor (see image below)

    • A graph plotting the sensor reading including:

      • Sensor readings in orange

      • Alert icons in green, amber, and red indicating cleared, acknowledged, and unacknowledged alerts

      • Upper and lower limits of rules in green (if applicable)

The alert icon will appear:

  • Amber if all alerts on the sensor have been acknowledged

  • Red if there are any unacknowledged alerts on the sensor

alert icon

Use the blue left and right arrows to see earlier/later readings.

Click on the Rules dropdown menu and deselect the rule to remove this line

Click the alert icon for more information (if applicable).

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