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Add a Subject to a Checklist

This feature is currently only available on the CWM Android app

You must be a Safety Manager to add a subject to a checklist.

  1. Login to the Checkit Control Centre.

  2. Select Configuration, Work Management, View/Edit

  3. Select the What tab

  4. Select the single check or checklist for which you want to have a subject displayed

  5. A subject tag can be entered into a List of Options type check or a Free text /numeric input type checks (only)

  6. If a suitable check is already present (a check which prompts the checklist user to select options each of which could be used as the Subject (like a list of the different deliveries for example). Otherwise select Add and create a new check.

  7. In the Name field of the check enter the following string after the name entry [subject:yes]

  8. As well as placing the [Subject] tag in the Name field you also need to set up the check so that the users select or enter a string which will serve as a meaningful title.

In this example a Free text / numeric check prompts the users to enter text/numbers and these will be used as the subject:

In this example a List of options check prompts the user to select an option and the selected option value will be used as the subject:

  1. Select Save

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