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Clear All Alerts

You can clear all alerts at once if you have a backlog of alerts caused by the same problem.

For example, you may have numerous service alerts indicating that your Hub and all sensors have been offline due to a power outage.

  • Only Administrators and Safety Managers can clear all alerts at once.

  • If you are a Supervisor in addition to the roles listed above, you can also clear all alerts generated by your team(s).

See User Roles for more details.

If you are:

  • An Administrator, this action will also clear any service alerts triggered by devices that are currently alerting

  • An Administrator and Safety Manager, this action will also clear sensor and service alerts triggered by devices that are currently alerting

You will not receive another alert until the device comes back in range/online and then triggers another alert.

We only recommend that you clear these:

  • Sensor alerts if your equipment is out of service

  • Service alerts if the device is no longer in use

This action is irreversible. Only clear all alerts if you are certain that the issue has been resolved.

  1. Go to Alert Status>View by Location/View by Teams.

  2. Select the location/team you want to view alerts from. You will see a list of alerts ordered from most recently triggered.

  3. (Optional) If you only want to clear one type of alert, for example, all service alerts, use the dropdown menu to filter alerts by type.

  4. Click Clear All.

  5. In the alert details field, type what you have done to resolve the issue, for example: power fixed, issue resolved.

  6. Click Clear # Alerts.

  7. Click Yes.

If you use the clear all function, alert reports will state “Alert cleared using 'Clear all’ function”. See image 3.

Video 1: Clearing all service alerts by location

Video 2: Clearing all overdue alerts by team

Clear all report.png

Image 3: An alert report

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