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How to Manage Image & Video Files

The CWM app can work with PNG, JPG, WEBP, GIF and MP4 files in a similar way as with PDF documents - but the process of making these files available to individual phones is different when compared with making documents availlable and it is not possible to do this with the Checkit Memo, only the App. Nor are these types of file listed in the Documents page on the App.

Image and video files must be added to each device on which you want to use them using a file explorer or equivalent app on a device as follows.

  1. Using the most convenient (non-Checkit) tool, download/add the file you want to use with a Checklist, to each phone on which the CWM app will be used with this media

  2. Open a file explorer app on the device: the one shown below is an example

  3. Locate and copy the required file into the following directory:


The name of the root directory may vary depending on the device/operating system version in use.

Do not create a sub directory for the files.

PNG, JPG, WEBP, GIF and MP4 files in the Checkit directory can be opened using links you place in Checklist text as described in Create Links in Checklists.

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