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Set Up a Device

You will need to set up your device the first time you use it.

If you are using:

  • Your own phone or tablet, you will first need to install the Checkit app on your device. See Download the App instructions

  • A Ulefone device supplied by Checkit, it will come with the app pre-installed

You must be an Administrator to set up a device. See User Roles for more details.

  1. If you are using:

    • A Ulefone device, turn it on by holding the power button on the right

    • Your own phone or tablet, open the app on the device

  2. Select a language.

  3. Connect the device to the Wi-Fi.

This option will not appear if the device is already connected to a network.

Please refer to your IT team for assistance with Wi-Fi network login credentials if required.

  1. Enter your Control Centre login details.

If you cannot remember your login details, go to the Control Centre login page and select Forgot Password?.

  1. Select the location where you want to register device.

  2. Name the device. Descriptive names indicating the location and/or how it will be used are helpful for reporting, for example, "Kitchen".

  3. Check the device setup details then click Confirm.

If you made any mistakes, press Cancel, and use the back arrow to return to previous screens.

  1. Confirm the device settings (date format, time format, time zone, temperature).

The formats will default according to the language you selected in step 2. For example, if you chose “English (United Kingdom)” as your language, the temperature setting will be Celsius as that is the standard unit for temperature in the UK.

To change any of these settings, tap on the field and alternative options will be presented to you. Tap to select an option.

  1. Select Continue when complete.

Video 1: Set up a device

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