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The CWM app supports the following languages:

  • Catalan

  • Dutch

  • English (UK & US)

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

To change the language on a device, see Edit Language.

Regional Settings

Time Zone

The CWM app supports all time zones.

Users are notified when scheduled work is due in their local time zone.

Any work completed on the app is recorded in work reports in the local time zone.

iOS devices inherit the time zone of their location.

Android users select the appropriate time zone when they set up the app on their device.

To edit the time zone of an Android device, see Edit Regional Settings.

Temperature Scale

The app can display temperature measurements in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.

To edit the temperature scale, see Edit Regional Settings.

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