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Update Wi-Fi Password on Hub

You will need to update the Wi-Fi password on the Hub if the password on your Wi-Fi router changes.

If you can see a red Cloud LED (see Hub LEDs) on the Hub, please contact us to update the Wi-Fi password.

You must be an Administrator to update the Wi-Fi password. See User Roles for more details.

You cannot edit the configuration of an active Wi-Fi network (the Wi-Fi network the Hub is currently connected to). You must first Switch Hub Internet Connection.

  1. Log in to the Control Centre. 

  2. Go to Automated Monitoring Devices >View/Edit.

  3. Select the Hub you want to edit from the panel on the left.

  4. Click Maintenance.

  5. Click Configure hub.

  6. Click Network Configuration.

  7. Click the cog icon on the network you want to edit.

  8. Click Update Wireless Network Configuration.

  9. To change the password, edit the text in the Pass Phrase field.

  10. Click the right arrow.

  11. (If applicable) If the current password on your Wi-Fi router is the same as you entered in step 9 and the Hub is in range of the router:

    1. Click Test Network Configuration.

    2. Wait for the test to be completed. You will see one of two messages on screen:

      • The test network configuration was successful

      • Failed to configure the network with the test configuration

    3. Click Exit Test.

If the test failed, the password you entered in step 9 may be incorrect or the Hub may be out of range of the router.

  1. Click the right arrow to continue.

  2. Ensure that the Enabled toggle is on.

  3. (Optional) To connect to this network, turn on the toggle that says ‘set this network configuration as the active configuration’. Do not do so unless you have successfully tested the network configuration in step 11.

  4. Click the right arrow to continue. You will see two messages stating that ‘the network configuration has been updated and is enabled’.

  5. Click the right arrow to continue.

  6. To return to the Control Centre homepage, click Dashboard then click the Checkit icon at the top-centre of the screen.

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