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How to Manage Documents

This feature is currently only available on the CWM app.

You must be a Safety Manager to manage documents.

Click here to view a video with instructions on how to upload and view pdf documents on your device.

First you upload documents to Checkit - documents must be PDF files.

Then you assign a document to a location so Checkit knows the phones/Memos on which it should make the document available.

Then you can link to the documents from text within a Checklists and users can also access them on the Documents page (selecting the ellipses icon bottom right of the App / Memo page).

Image and video files are managed a different way - refer to Manage Images and Video.

Upload a Document to Checkit

  1. Login to the Checkit Control Centre.

  2. Select Configuration, Document Management, View/Edit. The Documents page opens and will list any documents already uploaded

  3. Select Upload new document.You are prompted to enter details of the document that you want to upload. Complete the required fields.

  • Name: this is the name that will be presented to the user: an alphanumeric string maximum 300 characters

  • Description: this is an optional field provided to help manage/distinguish between documents only and is not displayed to users

  • Expiry: an optional field which, if chosen, instructs Checkit to remove the document from view by Checkit users - either from within a Checklist or via the Documents page on the App/Memo - on the specified date.

  1. Select Choose File and select the file to upload from your local/network drive.

Before the uploaded document is available to users you must assign it.

Assign a Document

Documents are made available to Checkit users based on Location: you assign a document to a Location and all users also assigned to that Location will have access to that document.

Assign access to a document as follows.

  1. Login to the Checkit Control Centre.

  2. Select Configuration, Work Management, View/Edit

  3. Select the Where tab and select a Location from the list on the left. Details of the selected Location will be displayed including assigned users, assigned devices etc.

  4. Locate the Documents section of the page and open it by selecting the chevrons

Documents already assigned to the selected Location are listed

To add a new document: click in the Assign Documents field and select from the drop-down list of documents presented. Assigned documents will be copied automatically to all of the phones / Memos associated with the selected Location so they have easy access to the documents. Any documents you have uploaded to Checkit can be assigned to any and to multiple Locations.

To remove a document so that it is no longer accessible on the phones/Memos assigned to the selected Location, select the Unassign button next to the document name. Unassigned documents are not removed from the Control Centre so you can still update the document and use it in other Locations.

Create Links in Checklists

If your staff are using mobile phones with the CWM app, an easy way to do this is to include a hyperlink to a web page in the Additional Check Details field when specifying a check: this will display at the top of the page when the check is presented to the checklist user for completion and they simply tap on it to open the link (www.companywebsite/document1, for example). This will not work on a Checkit Memo but you can load documents onto a Memo and link them on Memos/the App as described below.,

To specify a hyperlink to a document you have uploaded to Checkit or an image/video you have added to Checkit on a mobile phone, you add a tag to the Additional Details field in the checklist definition, as follows.

  1. Login to the Checkit Control Centre.

  2. Select Configuration, Work Management, View/Edit

  3. Select the What tab

  4. Select the Single Check or Checklist you want

  5. Select the check you want to add a hyperlink to

  6. Update the Additional Check Details field with a tag in the following format:


[file: filename.typ, name: "hyperlink text"]

where filename.typ is the filename and its extension which must be one of PDF, JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF or MP4. The filename does not appear if you use the name: clause

name: is optional. If you do not include it, the filename is the only text presented and the hyperlink is applied to it, but if you do use it ...

"hyperlink text" is the text you want the user to read and click.

  1. Select



The following specification:

Please ensure you've read the [file: “office closing guide.pdf”, name:“Office Daily Closure guide"] and double check using the [file: “layout_plan1.png”]

is presented to a user as:

Please ensure you've read the Office Daily Closure guide and double check using the layout_plan1.png.

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