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Power Supply

The Hub is powered by mains power supply.

You can connect the Hub to mains power supply using the power cable provided or a suitable Ethernet cable if you use PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Backup Battery

The Hub contains a rechargeable backup battery.

If the Hub is disconnected from the mains power supply, for example, accidentally or during a power outage, it will automatically switch to its backup battery. The Mode LED on the Hub will also turn amber to indicate that it is doing so. The Hub battery lasts approximately 1-3 hours depending on the amount of data being sent.

If the battery runs out, the Hub will power off. Data will be stored on sensors until the Hub is powered on again. If the Hub is powered off for over 1 hour, Administrators and Safety Managers (see User Roles for details) will be notified via a service alert so they can take appropriate action.

Sensor+ devices and sealed sensors can store data for up to 3.5 and 5 days respectively. After this point, data will be overwritten. We strongly recommend that you respond to service alerts as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

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