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The Control Centre

The Control Centre is a cloud portal that allows you to manage alerts, devices, account configuration, and view reports.


Log in

Operators do not have a Control Centre login.

Log in here with your Control Centre credentials.

You should have received by email from to set up your Checkit account.

If you're having issues signing in, refresh the cache on your browser - for most browsers you do this by selecting the shift+F5 keys on your keyboard, but this may vary by browser.

Forgot Your Password

Click Forgot Password?, enter your email address, and click submit. You will receive an email from with a link to reset your password.


Once successfully logged in, you will see the main menu and the following 4 icons on the toolbar.

Alert icon: click to view announcements from Checkit (the icon appears red if there are any new / unread messages)

Home icon click to return you to the main menu

Help icon (?) click to open the Help Centre in a new tab

Person icon click to view your account information

Exit icon click to sign out of the Control Centre.

Main Menu

Alert Status - Get an overview of the status of all work and alerts within your business across all locations. Here you can acknowledge and clear Alerts.

Reports - View and export reports on all work, alert and sensor activity across your sites

Configuration - Set up your Work Management and Automated Monitoring activities here. This is the where you start if you're new to Checkit.

Automated Monitoring Status - If you have a sensor network, here is where you can view the real time readout and status of your sensors.

Work Management Devices - View a list of all devices in use within your business, as well as details of each device. This is where you can find the Admin PIN required to install and configure the app.

Automated Monitoring Devices - View and edit sensors, Hubs, and Repeaters within your business.


The Control Centre is currently available in English, Dutch, French, German and Polish. The language presented to you is determined by your browser language settings. However, please note that the Maintenance page for Automated Monitoring is available in English.


The Control Centre is a cloud service, and therefore is automatically updated. Occasionally you may be prompted to refresh your browser to complete an update.

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