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Sensor Readings


Sealed sensors take a reading every 5 minutes and send these data to the Control Centre every 15 minutes.

Sensor+ temperature and humidity sensors take readings every minute and send these data to the Control Centre every 5 minutes.

Sensor+ Contact sensors take readings and send data in real-time.

See Types of Sensors for a description of each type of sensor we offer.

Out of Range

If a sensor takes a reading that contravenes the rule assigned to it, the following people will be notified via a sensor alert so they can take appropriate action:

  • Supervisors in the team assigned to the sensor

  • Safety Managers at the location assigned to the sensor

The Alert LED on the Hub will also flash blue.

To find out which location, rule, and team are assigned to a sensor, see View Your Monitoring Configuration.

View Sensor Readings

You can view sensor readings in the Control Centre (a cloud portal). See Monitoring Report for more details.

View Sensors

You can view all sensors registered to a location, their recent readings, and alert status in the Control Centre. See View Your Sensors for instructions.

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