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Getting Started

See User Roles for more details on the responsibilities of Administrators, Safety Managers, Supervisors, and Operators.

Step 1: Assign Work

Safety Managers assign checklists to:

  • locations, for example, Kensington Restaurant

  • teams, for example, Service Team

  • schedules (if applicable), for example, Daily 10:30 am

See image 1.

See Create Work for instructions.

Image 1: Assign work

Step 2: Set Up Devices

Administrators assign devices to a location.

See image 2.

See Set up a Device for instructions.

The device automatically downloads any work assigned to its location.

To check which location a device is assigned to, see View Device Information.

If you want to reassign a device to a different location, see View & Manage Devices on Your Account.

Assign location.gif

Image 2: Assign device to location

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