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Replace a Sensor+ Battery

You will need to replace the battery in a Sensor+ device if you receive a low battery service alert.

Please refer to your company’s standard operating policy and take appropriate precautions.

You cannot replace sealed sensor batteries. If you have received a low battery alert for a sealed sensor, contact us for a replacement.

Please replace the battery with a like-for-like EVE ER14505 non-rechargeable AA Size 2600mAh Lithium Battery Cell 3.6V. See image 1 below.

Use of any other batteries may invalidate your warranty.

  1. Rotate the Power Unit Battery (PUB) 45° anti-clockwise and pull to remove it from the wall mount. See image 2 below.

  2. Remove the battery hatch from the back of the device. See image 3 below.

  3. Replace the battery with a like-for-like EVE ER14505.

  4. Reattach the battery hatch.

  5. Remount the PUB by placing it on the wall mount and turning it 45° anti-clockwise. See image 4 below.

Image 1: EVE ER14505 battery

Image 2: Dismounting a Power Unit Battery

Image 3: Removing the battery hatch

Image 4: Remounting the PUB

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