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Connectivity & Range


Sensors record data and send them to the Hub via Zigbee wireless network.

If a sensor is unable to send data to the Hub, for example, if items are obstructing the Zigbee signal or the device has been moved, data will be stored on the sensor. When connectivity is restored, historical data will be sent.

By default, if a sensor has not sent data for more than 1 hour, Administrators and Safety Managers (see User Roles for more details) will be notified via a service alert so they can take appropriate action. The Alert LED on the Hub will also flash blue.

If you would like to be notified earlier that a sensor is offline, you can reduce this delay. See Edit Offline Alert Period for instructions.

Sensor+ devices and sealed sensors can store data for up to 3.5 and 5 days respectively. After this point, data will be overwritten. We strongly recommend that you respond to service alerts as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

If you receive frequent service alerts indicating that a sensor is offline, the device may have been moved out-of-range of the Hub or items may be blocking the signal. Please see Check Device Signal Strength.


Sensors can be placed up to 30 metres distance from the Hub without obstruction from walls or other items.

You can use a Repeater to increase the range of a sensor.

Please do not reposition sensors or Hubs unless instructed to do so by Checkit.

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