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iOS App 2.0

Product: Connected Workflow Management

Version: iOS App Version 2.0

Release Date: 06/06/2024

Release Note Issue Date: 06/06/2024


This release will not cause any downtime.

User Impact

This release does not impact user experience.


Click here to download the CWM iOS app or search Checkit CWM on the App Store.

If you already have the iOS app, you will receive a notification when a new version is available to download.

For instructions on how to check which version of the app a device is running, see View Device Information.


The following features are available on iOS Version 2:

Future Growth

For the moment, the CWM iOS app only supports the features listed above.

As the app grows, we’ll be adding more features. During this process, we’ll be listening to your feedback and keeping you informed every step of the way.

If you use features not listed above, for example, Time-Delayed Checks and Checkpoints, these will not appear on the iOS app. However, you can complete them on your Android devices which supports all CWM features.

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